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Indiana University, Bloomington

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film notes

  • Important Terms from "The Samurai": Yabusame Horseback archery Minamoto no Tametomo Great warrior of Minamoto; famous as archer, and early example ...
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  • EALC 250 Writing Seminar Fall 2015RequirementsTitle Page:Name, Title of your paper, Section: TA, Date, Number of WordsFormat:12 pt font, double-spaced, 820-900 word...
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QUIZ 1 KEY Fall 2015

  • Exam Year: 2015
  • QUIZ 1 (EALC 250, Fall 2015) PRINT FULL NAME: _______________(Circle the most correct answer; T or F, or A,B,C, or D)Which of the following is true about the Koji...

responsepaper 1

  • Course title: EALC 275: Masterpieces of East Asian LiteratureDate: 2/1/2014Usefulness of UselessnessHuizi and Zhuangzi argued about “usefulness of uselessness” ...
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